Comet C/2022 E3, ZTF 

Photos by Th.Boeckel

So far, the brightness is developing better than expected.
Thus, there is a real possibility that comet ZTF E3 could reach the magnitude 4 (mag)* at the end of January 2023!

25. January 2023


First clear sky in Heiterwang/Reutte (Austria). No chance in Germany because of a never ending bad weather caused by an gigantig dense fog layer over whole Europe.

The only hope were the southern lain areas in the EU Alps. They worked in function like a barrier and kept mostly the areas fog and cloud clean.

The comet has now every good components which a special comet needs. An ionic antitail, an intnsive green coma which appears between a bright shield and a nice dust tail.

This appearance has now the estimated brigness of the magnitude 5,2 (mag)*

Sony a7III, Newton 900mm f4.5,2x95sec,ISO 3200

17. January 2023

Comet, Komet ZTF (C/2022) E3 by  Thorsten Boeckel    Comet, Komet ZTF (C/2022) E3 by  Thorsten Boeckel   Comet, Komet ZTF (C/2022) E3 by  Thorsten Boeckel

...good seeing but a 4-day moon sickle an the close range to Munich let the comet tail appear weaker! 

5.00UT;  Newton 900mm,  f4,5, Sony a7III,  3x60sec; Iso 3200, 3x crop, ( ~ 6.3 mag* ), Germerswang/Fuerstenfeldbruck (Bavaria)

27. December 2022

     Comet, Komet ZTF (C/2022) E3 by  Thorsten Boeckel     Comet, Komet ZTF (C/2022) E3 by  Thorsten Boeckel

...for half an hour clear sky, first images! 

4.56 UT;  Newton 900mm,  f4,5, Sony a7III,  4x40sec; Iso 3200, 3x crop,   ( ca 7,5-8.0 mag ), Germerswang/Fuerstenfeldbruck (Bavaria)

*mag  = > light magnitude: Up to mag +3 or +4 stars are visible nearby cities with the naked eye, in very dark areas the seeing limit can reach up to mag +6-7.

The more higher numerical value is given, the more weaker are the objects. E.g. - 4,7 mag, Venus glittering; - 1,0 Sirius, brightest star; + 3,5 M31 Andromeda, pale shiny oval)

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