Mercury & Co in March

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Taken on the 28./29.03.2004 Observatory Fürstenfeldbruck and Baader Planetarium

Fraunhofer Schaerrefraktor 4000 mm focal length. Focal shot with Phillips To Cam chip. Magnifying apprx. 400 x. Gif from Martin on 10" Maksutov


Mercury: If you try to catch this dwarf planet you will admit after at the tenths time. ,Oh... I should finish this nonsence, lets make something other'. Until the 29th of March I had also this opinion until this 'fast planet' slipped 12 degrees over the horizon for parts of seconds through the turbulent atmosphere layers. The best results were selected and overlayed. Giotto / Registax


Jupiter: The great red spot and details of the cloud banner can be seen.

Jupiter Gif from Martin Rietze on Baader Planetarium:  Press on Jupiter

Saturn: The good athmospere conditions let the planet appear clearl

Venus: Eastern elongation. -4,3mag,. turbulent atmosphere


Fürstenfeldbruck & Gilching



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