Supernova (SN 2011fe) in M101, Pinwheel Galaxy

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Supernova (Sn 2011fe) in M101 Pinwheel, by Boeckel 

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Since 1986 a Supernova occure currently in M101 which may can be seen with the naked eye. The current light magnitude is between 9-10 mag*

M101 is situated in Ursa Maior and has a distance of 21 million light years from us. In the astronomical scheme of things, it is nearly in the neightbourhood.

*mag => light magnitude. Up to mag 5 you can see stars in big cities. In very dark aereas you can see stars up to mag~6. The higher the number is, the weaker is the star/planet.  Planet Venus has in comparision the most brightness of -4mag.

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