Isole Vulcano and italian volcanic areas

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Stromboli Aktivitäten

Stromboli 2010

November 2010

May 2009

April 2009

Romatic Volcano at the edge. Blue hydrogenium flames

Very strong explosions. Bubbles and detailed photograpy

Double explosions at two vents at an 'elephant back'. Morning eruptions in GIF anis

February 2007

November 2006

June 2006

Impressive lava flows and lateral explosions. Moon eclipse included.

From the hornitos  inside the crater to the green flash from Vancori

Come, and get closer! Detailled master photos from a lava rich episode.

October 2005

April 2004

December 2003

Red abyss, The edge of the west crater opened new perspectives.

Smaller ongoings at the crater  with the astronomical impressions

A strong episode of eruption. A report from  Raimon Schulz.

October 2002

October, June 2000

February 1995

Aerosole rings and lava shreds, candles and double fontains.

The eternal flame in the Tyrrhenian sea. The volcano in his top form.

Bad weather expedition, but the winds of  Eolie  carried the clouds away.

Geography  Stromboli

More about augite?


Airial images from  the summit region shows our standing positions.

The augite crystals discovered near the Pizzo. Detailled images.

Recent activities taken by the Stromboli web cam.

Isole Volcano and volcanic areas




Sulphur caves  inside the Gr. Cratere. Advices to use such a vulcano.

The hot sources of Saturnia. A time collection in aragonite.

Steam and sulphur fumaroles in the forests of  the Toscana (u.c)

Volcano Video Volcano Video Volcano Video


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