The hot springs of Saturnia, Toscana


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Unfortunately on this page you won't get informations about a wellness weekend or advices for a senceless beauty care, because this was a bang-hard period of three days with Chianti and 32 C sulphurous warm water.

At first you will ask yourself what thing is photographically shown on the left? It is a calcite - aragonite marble (d = 18mm). If the crystalline radial structured balls wouldn't get in rough touch in the sinter basins, you would find thousands of crystallized hedgehogs . Constantly taken around by natural water power or by visitors the needles are not able to develope itself and so a mineral time indicator with a ring appereance reminding to the cross section of a tree is the result. From the outside inward the first dark ring is enclosed by some brighter and it would be very interesting to determine the average of the climate the last 8-12 years or if the water was extremely dirty ( may a forest burning or a construction at the thermal bath). Probably the walls of the sinter terraces indicate the same features .

It ist only a little unchique sawing at this rare creation of nature!

Caused by the cooling down of the sulfurous calziumcarbonate water the precipitating product develops the creation of this marble. (the distance of the source to the terraces amounts apprx.1000 m). The different thickness of the rings are probably the result of the changing temperatures between the summer and winter seasons . In winter the water is cooling down faster and causes a higher precipitation (thick rings).

This place is really a masterpiece of nature and should be treated respectfully!




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