Comet Nishimura C/2023 P1  

Photos by Th.Boeckel

10. September 2023

 Penserjoch (2200m osl) South Tirol/Italy

 Not yet visible with naked eye! (ca. 3.9 mag*)


The comet only 3,5 degrees over horizon. Newton 900mm f4.5,Sony a73   

Because of the dusty layers in the flat plains I have to move up to 2200m osl. The seeing in direction 'Wilde Kreuzspitze' was really good but it was a hard work to catch the comet only a

few degrees over horizon (lowest 3.0°). Newton 900mm f4.5, Canon 200mm f3.2, Sony a73,a63.

09. September 2023

 Penserjoch (2200m osl) South Tirol/Italy

 Not yet visible with naked eye! (ca. 4.1 mag*)


08. September 2023

 Maisach/Rottbach (South Bavaria)

 Not yet visible with naked eye! (ca. 4.4 mag*)

07.September 2023

 Auerberg (South Bavaria)

(ca. 4.6 mag*)

05.September 2023

 'Clear sky' over Germerswang (South Bavaria)

 Very good conditions up to 12° over the horizon even near Munich allowed these images of the comet to be taken.

Komet Nishimura C/2023 P1 Th.Boeckel

Newton 900mm f4.5, 3x20 sec, ISO 1600, Canon 5DM3

The comet (5.3 mag*) could be seen clearly on September 5th, 2023 through a Newton telescope 900mm; f4.5

Comet Nishimura C/2023 P1 Th.Boeckel

*mag  = > light magnitude: Up to mag +3 or +4 stars are visible nearby cities with the naked eye, in very dark areas the seeing limit can reach up to mag +6-7.

The more higher numerical value is given, the more weaker are the objects. E.g. - 4,7 mag, Venus glittering; - 1,0 Sirius, brightest star; + 3,5 M31 Andromeda, pale shiny oval)

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Clear sky in direction Pfunderer Alps belonging to the Zillertal.

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