Saturns cosmic hide 

The moon shifts itself before the Saturn, 3rd of November 2001


At this place, I want to say Thanks to Andreas Heidl  leaving me for this evening his 3ccd video camera. Working together with a large expenditure of time into the morning hours the implementation of the pictures and the 3rd clip were enabled. Further thanks to Martin Rietze. With his know-how in astronomical observations and a lot of patience the Gifs 1 and 2 were created by him                         

A planet disappeared


Entrance of Saturn ( Magnified apprx. 240 x )

On the 3rd of November 2001 the moon in the constellation Taurus covered the Saturn. This seldom process of the celestial mechanics started in Fuerstenfeldbruck around 22.00 h. Already with the naked eye astro observers could saw the bright edge of the crater furrowed  moon coming slowly nearer to the little resplendent lightspot. More impressively the whole  was shown in a telescope. We tried to film this event too, and it was working perfectly because of the phaenomenal calm atmosphere and best weather conditions. The Saturn needs 90 seconds for the entrance to disappear behind the moon disk completely


Canon 3ccd Videokamera auf 150 / 1200 mm mit Siberia Newton Reflektor. (Boeckel)

About one hour later the ring surrounded planet was coming out of  the dark zone of the moon and terminated this delightful process of celestial mechanics.


From the recording technologies no substantial differences are to be mentioned (both top cameras), the following video clips should illustrate the performance of two telescope classes. In comparison to Martins 200 mm Zeiss Refraktor, which is well known as the Mercedes under the telescopes the Siberia 150mm reflector has also a very good optical quality.  Important for me was to point in the 3rd video clip, which good results can be quite attained with telescopes of the middle class. So remember to your dusty telescope.


Saturn Entrance

Entrance and exit

Saturn exit


200/3000 Zeiss AS Refraktor, created from frames with a Epson Digicam. (M.Rietze)

Canon 3ccd video camera on 150/1200 mm  Siberia Newton reflector. (Boeckel) (8MB) 

200/3000 Zeiss AS Refraktor, created from frames with a Epson Digicam. (M. Rietze)


Also belonging to the party: Nina, Andi and Christine which discovered me sayful 3 minutes before the entrance of the Saturn. No bad timing....

Saturn with moon to  16.4.2002; 22,55 Central European Summer Time,  8° over horizon, sw - photography -  ASA, 1600

 Both celestial bodies in the total view. Unfortunately cloud banks from the west drewed up, and after exchanging the oculars both dissappeared.......

Next Saturns cosmic hide, stay patient to 2007!!!!

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