Dauerfeuer am Stromboli 

17. bis 22. Oktober 2002 



Watching three month ago in the web cam a steady red point (crater2?) did make me wonder of Strombolis seldom activity. One week before the beginning of our trip I recognised this phenomene again on the screen. O.K let's go together with Ingo v.Kaenel to Europes biggest sea volcano and have a look to the original. Of course the Web - cam wasn't lying and an on the 20nd of Oct a permanent ejection of lava on crater 2 could be seen for hours. A seldom behavior of activity is that one or two craters are nearly permanent active.


On the middle image you can see a crater 1 eruption taken against the sun with a telelens of 500 mm. In the background the yellow gas emission was moving in western direction and so the lava shreds were clearly appearing very fine red.Another volcanic rarity are my sooo loved aerosole rings. Up to this time I never saw this inside closed air tubes at Stromboli and I never thought seeing one in the next future. Inside crater 2 two exact formed pipes were breathing permanent and pushed the hot gases very fast through the main cloud by separating the ring. Some rings were leaving the crater terrace under the level of the Pizzo or high above . But this was depending on the wind currency.


Leaving the island by making a stop at Panarea we could saw from this distance one very fat ring standing vertical over the summit

Fontaine etwa 200m hoch, Krater 1


The next special of this volcano has been very tall candles touching  the evening sky with their nearly endless height of 350 m (may more). A very loud explosion sound like a sharp bang was following and some little tremors could weekly recognised by everyone.(Crater1)

Erupting in a normal manner crater 1, 2 and 3 were in a mutual activity. On Oktober the 21st in the evening four craters (vents) were erupting explosively at the same time. This Strombolian activity was looking like organ-pipes standing fiery in the sky about 150 m. Althought the heights and volumes of the bursts were more intensive than former times but I think they didn't stand in connection with the lateral eruption of Mt.Etna at the end of October. 


Double fontains at crater 1 and 2. In the middle the Sciara del Fuoco

The seismic diagram ( by Stromboli-online) of this year shows a more or less normal line. But one other message came through the medias that people reported very excited about 200 - 250 m high permanent lava fountains during the Etna eruption of tree craters. The answer how far this event is true or stood in connection to the latest Etna eruptions we may get in the future.




Ingo von Känel, me on the aliscafo and the harbour St.Vincenzo

The crater terrace seen from the bird eye view



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