Stromboli, February 1995





The fascination of the Etna eruptions in December1991 let  Andreas Heidl and me arrange a new trip to a volcano whose activities are known since 2400 years. Vulcano Stromboli - a natural antique light tower. The red shining orientation point in the middle of tyrrhenian sea directed the sailors also in former times. The summit eruptions which can be noticed also from the far distance did also guided our ferry captain the way to the lipary Isle Stromboli in this night.



A dense cloud layer around the summit region made it impossible to observe the volcano. After three days and nights in the rain we decided to pack our things and leave the summit in the next morning.


But in the fourth night the winds of Aeoli dragged for our surprise the clouds away, and two clear full moon nights let  this adventure end successfull. Now, we had the opportunity to take photos from a closeer range. Right: Joyfully gymnastic excercises at the Fossetta, after the sun appeared after the rainy waiting time in the evening.


View from the Pizzo shows the lava candles of crater 1/2


View from the Fossetta

Cloudy shine of crater 2





Lava ejecta from the middle tubes. With a deafening  bang the magma was forced up to 200 m. The strong sonic wave made it nearly impossible to get some night shots. All night exposures did show a zigzac line on the light tracks. The crater terrace in a wide angle.



Photoseries from Pizzo

Heidls run! During this event Andreas got totally horrified. While standing on the ridge during the eruption, he had to run back in world record time, because the material was thrown out far behind his observation point. This was a very surprising behavior of the crater three. Hours before the crater ejectet all the time to the right direction.


Raven attack!!. During our staytime at the crater terrace these two criminal birds picked up everything  from our proviant what they could get in their bills. The most violent thing was, that they opened our water and juice store. After this attack we had to go down to St. Vincenco to bring up a new water proviant. Right. An old rock covered with lava.


 View from the summit to St. Vincenzo. Camera work at the beach of Saint Vincenzo.

Standing positions from the bird-eye view



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