Isole Vulcano, February 1995




The range of the 210 panorama view is belonging from the NW rim of the Gran Cratere with his big fumarole fissure to the brownish old caldera. In the center: Vulcanello and the isle of Lipari. 


In 1995 we made the first experience with the big fissure situatet above the sulphurous northern wall of the Gran Cratere (right).On the left photo you can see Andreas passing the cracked rim with breathing problems.

Impressions of sulphur

Descending to the bottom of the crater you will be surprised how many  rocks and caves excisting of sulphure the yellow signed nortern wall includes. If you have a closer view you will discover sulphur needles reaching the size up to three cm.

Some fumaroles are forming pipes or 'tread out necks' which are growing in a period of one year until they get closed again by their own. If you try to cross the sulphur canyon you enter a very hot bottom. Here the deposited sulphure gets melted up again and in several caves you can find him again in stalactites up to 20 cm. ( wear gas-masks because the agressive acid-steam will harm your lounges !!! )

Leaving the thermes behind by walking on the beach in direction of Vulcanello the activity of the fumaroles are more intensive. At the end of the inland beach-see you have the feeling standing on a big cooking-pot.   Hot rising gases and steam in thousands of little fumaroles can make your barefood romantic fullmoon walking at the beach to an unforgettable painfull event.


Take the heat of the earth!!


By measuring 90 Celsius water temperature this luxurious meal was prepared in nearly 15 minutes!



And here the vulcanic egg-boiler! Digging a 30 cm deep hole in the sand you will reach the boiling water layer. Throw the eggs inside and in 20 minutes they will be ready! On the right image the eggs were corroded by the light sulphurous acid-water .The light acid coloured the shell black. The quality of taste didn't changed.  


Cooking laundry... nearly no problem! The right image is shows the corroded clothes by the light sulphurous acid-water colouring them grey-black. The quality of wear did changed...  



...yes, and taking a warm muddy-bath for your health regeneration is also possible.

A real practical thing such a vulcano!!

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2001, Photos and Text by Thorsten Boeckel

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