Volcanos of Central America

1/100 sec of Art

Volcan Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica 14.-18. Dez. 2007

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If you sneak through the forests of the volcano Rincon de la Vieja, you may will experience some surprises. Beside the sumptuous plant world volcanic signs are to be found again and again in the form of thermal sources and mud geysers, which confirm the continuous activity of the volcano Rincon.


In the middle of the jungle deep fumarole cavities exist, geysers and clear cooking basins are spiting, and it seems that the animal world does react in no way to this used life condition.


Here you come also to the mud basins of the Rincon National Park. During our stay time the mud geysers were filled relative low with water. Thus, artful mud blisters were formed based on the correct mud consistency.




Only on closer inspection you can discover the aesthetic show. Thus you can engage yourself for hours with ' freezing ' 1/100 second of elegant forms.


Because of the dense clouds it was not worthwhile for us to visit the main crater


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