Hawai'i, Kilauea in April 2005

 Ocean entries of the lava, part 2



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The detail photos are showing how the lava is reacting with the sea water and vice versa. Because of the sudden down cooling of the lava the flakin crust gets renewed the whole time. As a result of this onion principal the liquid lava reaches an amazing depth and in rare cases it is drifting like in a nut shell for a little while on the water.Through exposed tubes which were formed in minutes the lava was 'disposed' here and clared away by the next billow.


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A photo from Martin shows a liquid flow under water.

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Lava tube from the down side view. Above you can see apprx. 60 cubic meter Hawaii, which say good bye to the main coast and declines under a loud fizzling on the groud of the ocean. On the photo you can see exeptional the lava tubes from the under view. The rock cracked in a line, were the lava tubes has weakened its cross section.

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Advice: Caused by the subterrain steam explosions, even big lava banks can fall or slip without warnings  into the deep ocean (see above). If you are placed on a lava bank and you get involved in such an event, kiss your ass and say good bye!

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