From buttons, blue terraces and filigran micro gardens   




You can discover this fascinating and form rich world of the calcite - mini landscapes if  you care for the near-surface eye contact instead of moving hasty over the appearently grey-yellow colored areal. Similarly as in almost all sinter sources, the water at the surface with boiling temperature and rich of  minerals, is cooling down and the precipitating product calcite, soda, natrone crystallizing in countless different arrangements. You can find nearly the same principle at dropstones, however the vertically force of gravity  has determining influence on the well-known form of the stalaktites or stalacmites. The flow patterns (laminar to turbulent) of the hot water which is easily sloping down at the geysers soft inclined plattforms, are contributing  the organization of the micro landscape in several varieties, and fascinates the observer at this place up into the smallest detail.


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