Reason of   Vulkahnsinn

I was nine years young, we lived in an wooden house close beside a large sawmill, when suddenly at one night the hole factory (has) gone up in flames. After the fire-brigade evacuated us and my sister was placed in safety - because she had a shock, I had the possibility to watch this flame inferno...very fascinated.

Crazy running around people, an over the fire circling police-helicopter and always loud collapsing building sections –all this impressed me that strongly, that I became an “fire-child” (someone who loves fire, I’m not an incendiary!)


The day after, our house spared from the flames, this picture 1975 was taken from my playroom.

Today, with my volcano-film-partner and friend Thorsten Böckel, I love to visit active volcano’s and enjoy the feelings-cocktail from fear, admiration, (attention) respect and fascination.

Volcanism shows us clearly, how still alive mother earth is , and how much the geological structures are in permanent change.       

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