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ALPE  by Martin Rietze

   by Richard Roscoe

Geonauten   geonauten.de   Geonauten


 Photo-, Film- and Volcano Tours. News and Reports
vulkane.net  eZine & community News with extended photo and film material about the world of volcanos. By Marc Szeglat,

Chris Webers V.E.I Site  Infos and photo material about the big volcano world. A splendid address for global volcano tours!!   

  Observatorium Nicaragua

Stromboli online  swisseduc.ch   Educational work about Stromboli, Mt. Etna and worldwide volcano activities. By J. Alean · R. Carniel · M. Fulle

VOLCANODISCOVERY  The skill to get the Mt. Etna and Stromboli on film. Address for global volcanic tours!!

  Faszination Vulkan, Informations, photos from Ätna, Stromboli and world volcanos. U. Küppers and other autors.

PaKos Photography  Patrick Koster,  Photo of  volcanic landscapes in the world, images of  Mt. Etna and Stromboli. Incl. Astronomy part.

Global News & Blogs

Volcano Live - John Seach   Actual world wide volcano news and reports.

VAAC   Offical Info-site for the flight security listing actual strong eruption clouds which can endanger the flight traffic .

 Etna-Stromboli News
   Observations, updates and web cams from Mt. Etna and Stromboli

SICILTREK   News from Stromboli, Mt. Etna and Infos about blockings of the summits.

Observations, Institutions
Vulkaneifel, Vulkanhaus Strohn,   Museum for Geologie and Volcanism in the German 'Vulkaneifel'.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC  Global Volcanism Program Volcanic Activity Report. National Museum of Natural History.

Multi disciplinary science organisation focused on biology, geography, geology and much more.

  The HVO- Site   Update of the Hawaiian activities with impressive photos. The best and actual informations which U can get

MVO  Montserrat Volcano Observatory   Activity updates of the Soufriere Hills Volcano with impressive photos.

Volcan Villarrica  Observation Updates  of the Volcan Villarrica and more. by W. Keller · A. Koller · H. Bacher · V. Marfu

Photos and Miscellaneous


  Vulkaner   The northern contribution to global volcanism. An photo documented update with a variety of unique images.

  WIKIPEDIA   All embracing dictionary, who everyone should know!


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