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  Mars opposition 2020 

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Reventador & Sangay, Jan. 2020

Italia, Sicily

Etna, 2018    2020


Sabancaya Volcano, December 2016


Masaya & Telica Volcano April 2016

karang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckel Mexico
Colima Volcano October 2015
karang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckel

karang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckelkarang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckel Indonesia

Karangetang, Kawa Ijen & Tarsier Aug. 2015

karang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckelkarang-etang, kawah- Ijen & Tarsia by Th. Boeckel


Bárðarbunga Volcano, & Polar lights! Sept. 2014

Volcano Dukono 2014 y Th. boeckel Italia, Sicily

Stromboli, August 2014

Volcano Dukono 2014 y Th. boeckelVolcano Dukono 2014 y Th. boeckel

Indonesia, East Halmahera

Dukono Volcano, Soputan, June 2014

Indonesia, Sumatra

Mt. Sinabung Volcano, Jan. 2014

Italia, Sicily

Mt.Etna, New SE-Conus, Nov. 2013

Italia, Sicily

Mt.Etna, New SE-Cone II, April 2013

Japan, Suwanose Jima, Vulkan Mt.Otaka, Ash Lapilli EruptionJapan, Sakura Jima, Flash Eruption Japan

Sakurajima, Feb 2013

Japan, Sakura Jima, Strong EruptionJapan, Suwanose Jima, Vulkan Mt.Otaka, Ash Lapilli Eruption


Marum &Yasur, April, May 2012


Batu Tara, Krakatoa, Kawah I, Aug. 2011

Italia, Sicily

DR-Congo Indonesia


Mt.Etna, Parox. SE-Konus II, April 2012

Nyamuragira, January 2012 Volcano Bromo 2011


DR-Congo Iceland

Erta Ale, Dallol 2011 BoeckelErta Ale, Dallol 2011 Boeckel

Nyiragongo_2011Mountain Gorrilas, Virunga Volcano, Boeckel

Eyjafoell Eruption 2010 by Thorsten Boeckel

Erta Ale, Dallol, Jan. 2011

Nyiragongo Jan. 2011

Eyjafjalla, Fimmvörduháls,2010

Montserrat:West Indies



Montserrat, Soufriere Hills 2010Montserrat, Soufriere Hills 2010

sakura-jima strong eruptionsakura-jima strong eruption

Soufriere Hills, 2010

Sakurajima, Suwanose Jima, Dec.2009/Jan 2010

Krakatoa,Slamet,Lokon: 2009

Volcano Video Volcano Video  Volcano Video 
Volcano tours and photo reports from 1991 to 2014
Volcano world Mt. Etna Stromboli
The world of Volcano gallery Eruptions 1991, 1999-2006 1995-2009, Isola Volcano

Volcano Video Volcano Video Volcano Video
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Mars opposition 2020 

    The Perseids 2020 

Comet Neowise     
Comet C/2020 Swan F8 Boeckel

Comet C/2017 Panstarrs T2  5/20

Comet C/2020 Swan F8, 5/20

Supernova SN in M61, 5/20

Comet C/2017 AtlasY4 3/20

Mercury Transit 11/19 Space/Comet Asassn 11/19

Red Sprites over W-Germany 6/19 Comet C/2018 Y1 Iwamoto 2/19 Andromedas Parachute 11/18

Comet 46/P Wirtanen 12/18 Total moon eclipse 7/2018  Total eclipse of the sun USA 8/17

Comet P21/Giacobini Zinner 8/18 Perseids radiant 08/18 Red Sprites 2018 Milano/Italia

Red Sprites 2017
Salzburg, Austria Parma/Bologna, Italia Austria &Italia

 April 17, Jet M87

March 17, Comet 41P/TK-Kresak & V2 Johnson

July 16, Red Sprites over the Bavarian Alps

June 2016: Red Sprites over W-Germany June 2016: Red Sprites over Italy/Trentino May 2016: Red Sprites over SW-Germany

Transit of Mercury May 2016 Total Moon eclipse Nov. 2015 Geminides Dec. 2015

Perseids 12/13. Aug 2015

Red Sprites over Bavaria 10. Aug 2015

September 2015, Deep sky

Total Solar Faroe Islands 3/2015

Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2

Supernova SN 2014J in M82

C/2013 R1 Lovejoy Geminides radiant 12/2013 Comet C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS

solar eclipse australia 2012 Double moon transit Jupiter 2010
Total Solar Eclipse 2012 Australien Jupiter moon transit 2010

The ISS before the moon

Noctilucent Clouds 09

The strange comet 17P/ Holmes

(C/2006 P1), Comet McNaught

Space Cinema

Space Cinema

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